woodduckboxVOLUNTEER: Tin Mountain relies heavily on a dedicated cadre of volunteers to help bring Environmental Education to the Mt. Washington Valley. Over 100 “Tin Mountain-eers” put in thousands of hours every year to help Tin Mountain orchestrate programs and events; help staff blaze, clear, and maintain Tin Mountain’s extensive trail system; and help keep our building clean and functional, and looking good. Click HERE to learn more about Volunteer Opportunities at TMCC.

INTERN: Tin Mountain is currently trying to grow our Intern Program to provide a cooperative learning environment for students pursuing a degree in a science, environmental, or education-related field. Click HERE for more info.

EMPLOYMENT: Tin Mountain has a small full-time staff with limited turnover, but hires many seasonal positions in the summer for our camps. For information on current employent opportunities at TMCC, Click HERE.